Richard Higgins predicts Stamford will be the vortex of the new Silicon Coast

June 15, 2017 | Higgins Group Real Estate

Rick Higgins – CEO of the Higgins Group recently announced a new initiative. The company has opened a new Stamford office at 1055 Washington Boulevard with a clear plan to become the most technologically savvy real estate company in Connecticut. With the opening of their new Stamford Regional office, the company is enthusiastic about the great potential of the city and Mr. Higgins plans to take every measure to embrace the future of the industry by intertwining real estate and tech.

“I am excited because as I studied what is going on and what the future holds for Stamford I couldn’t wait to become more personally involved and make this my own special project. The real estate industry is going through a transition with ultra-high technology platforms being created for both the agent and consumer. I looked at Stamford and saw the incredible future is actually already arriving and in a thunderous manner just like the transition in the real estate industry. I am really convinced that Stamford will be, in a very short while, the vortex of the “Silicon Coast”, the East Coast version of Silicon Valley. I have been hearing rumors about Facebook and/or Google possibly coming. If either or both of them open up, the whole area will explode. It’s a natural spot for something like this happening. There is plenty of office space at a reasonable price, great living accommodations available whether you want a house in the Connecticut countryside or a condo in a more urban area like Sono or Stamford or for that matter a very quick train ride in to Grand Central Station for reverse commuting. You also have amazing universities about an hour away like Yale, Columbia, Fordham, NYU, UConn, etc. It’s on the water which lends itself well to millennials and works into that California lifestyle that young people in the tech industry often gravitate towards. You already have GE, Oracle, Pitney Bowes and Xerox to name a few of the giants in the field”.

“It’s also going to be red hot because I think it is going to be the next Brooklyn. Manhattan has gotten so expensive a lot of people have moved to Brooklyn. So many that they drove up prices to the point that Brooklyn rivals Manhattan now. I think that the next wave has already started! When you think about it, why not? Good value, great proximity to NYC and New England, mass transportation, coastal lifestyle and a vibrant social and cultural life. I actually think Stamford will be an unofficial sixth borough of New York akin to Manhattan and Brooklyn”.

Higgins went on to say, “I see this happening and want to be part of this exciting new movement. We have assembled a great young collection of millennial agents to combine their high tech knowledge and energy with our seasoned and experienced veterans into a shared vision in our “Stamford-The Future Is Now Campaign”.

Alan Dalton former President/CEO of and now Chief Internet Strategist for the Higgins Group concurs. Dalton says, “I spent a lot of years in Northern California before I move back and joined Higgins. I think we are right on target with our plans and I am very excited with us adopting a West Coast style of residential real estate brokerage. It’s innovative and energetic and I can’t wait to see Higgins visions unfold in the near future”.

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame said, “I have watched Rick Higgins grow the Higgins Group at an unstoppable pace since he left the practice of real estate law and moved to Connecticut twenty years ago. He is one of the most progressive entrepreneurs in the industry and has created one of the most agent friendly brokerages in the country. He is always spot on in anticipating and or creating the next big idea in the real estate industry”.

Higgins Group Real Estate is an independently operated Real Estate brokerage serving Connecticut. We have approximately 500 agents and offices located throughout Fairfield County giving us market expertise for both buyers and sellers. If you would like more information on Higgins Group, please contact Rick Higgins at

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