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Home » 12 Most Influential Home Trends this 2016

12 Most Influential Home Trends this 2016

November 21st, 2016 | Higgins Group Real Estate

Home Design TrendsAlthough real estate trends come and go, we can’t deny that some of these fads leave a lasting imprint that can change the landscape forever. Here are 12 of the most influential home trends that shook the industry this year.

    1. Sustainable and resilient homes

    To meet the rising demands for more eco-friendly and resilient housing, designers and builders are busy coming up with ways to make homes green and strong enough to withstand climate change, natural calamities, and dwindling resources.

    2. Living, open kitchens

    Closed kitchens are a thing of the past. More homebuyers are looking for kitchens where they can whip up a satisfying course while interacting with their families or entertaining guests.

    3. Luxe yet cost-effective materials

    Stone looks gorgeous, but not a lot of people can afford it. Builders and buyers are therefore opting for cheaper alternatives that look and hold up just as good.

    4. Copper is back

    Aside from exuding Old Hollywood glamour, copper is slowly becoming favored again due to its ability to reduce over 99 percent of bacteria.

    5. Water-saving fixtures

    Due to increasing drought awareness across the country, water-saving fixtures such as modular vertical tanks and rainwater harvesting systems are gaining popularity.

    6. Soft colors

    Since Pantone declared “serenity” and “rose quartz” the colors of the year, soft and layered pastels are making a comeback. Layer with whites and creams and you’ll get a sophisticated palette that’s easy on the eyes.

    7. 3-D manufacturing

    Now that digitized manufacturing is available, a wide spread of sustainable, prefabricated materials are within reach, especially if you’re looking for less expensive materials.

    8. Seamless indoor-outdoor living

    Plenty of homebuyers are looking for home designs with better integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Large-scale door panels are inexpensive options that open up a home.

    9. Reclaimed wood floors

    More buyers are going for reclaimed wood floors, which amplify a home’s visual character. Aside from aesthetic quality, buyers are drawn to reclaimed wood as a means to become eco-friendly.

    10. Walk-in pantries

    Mobility and flexibility are important for most homebuyers, making wide, walk-in pantries a popular feature, especially for families with handicapped members. An added bonus? A flexible shelving system.

    11. Soft vs. severe

    Sterile, modern surroundings are slowly being softened by certain materials that bring much needed warmth while keeping the overall look crisp and clean.

    12. Tiny house on wheels

    Individuals who like to travel and downsize finally have the solution of their dreams: tiny house on wheels. Many tiny homes are environmentally friendly and offer the mobility and flexibility plenty of homebuyers are looking for.

For more information on how these trends will impact real estate in the long run, check out this article by

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