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Home » 6 Ways to tell if a home renovation was done well

6 Ways to tell if a home renovation was done well

June 12th, 2017 | Higgins Group Real Estate

There are plenty of home sellers who have taken it upon themselves to renovate the property before the sale. The quality, however, varies. Here are 6 foolproof ways you can tell a home renovation was executed well.

  1. Take note of the bathroom fixtures.
    Renovated bathrooms usually feature new bathroom fixtures, while others have been cleaned vigorously to look brand new. This is why it pays to know brands that are widely used and respected. Although a better brand doesn’t automatically mean the renovation was well dome, high-quality fixtures indicate the seller or developer’s willingness to invest in top-of-the-line products.
  2. The heavier the plumbing, the better.
    Higher quality plumbing features usually feel heavier than cheaper ones, as it’s indicative of the amount of metal used. For mounted fixtures, do care to get a feel of the handles as this will give you a good idea of how much it weighs. In addition, heavier fixtures feel more solid.
  3. Uniformity in the quality of appliances.
    Peek into the kitchen and see if the appliances are all of good quality. You’ll find it noteworthy if some of the appliances are top-of-the-line while others are at the lower end of the range.
  4. Swing the doors.
    Newer, better-quality doors can also be distinguished through their weight. All you need to do is swing the interior doors a couple of times. Doors with a solid core are always heavier and more expensive.
  5. Look for water damage and other potential issues.
    The home may be renovated to cover up nasty issues, such as mold, structural problems, and an electrical system that’s seen better days. Take a professional home inspector with you to be on the lookout for such issues. Remember, home renovations should also cover these aspects of the home.
  6. Look for the developer or contractor’s mark.
    Reputable developers and contractors are always keen to leave their name on the product– it’s a marketing strategy. If you have a hard time looking for name of the person behind the renovation, ask the seller directly for references.

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