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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Packing

packingPacking for a move can take its toll on you — physically and emotionally. There’s nothing quite as distressing as seeing a pile of cardboard boxes waiting to be loaded with mementos. To make the process easier, here are seven things that you should avoid when packing. Good luck and handle your stuff with care.

      People always mention the importance of packing an overnight bag, but what about for your first week of stay in your new home? It’s easy to pack for the first (or first few) week/s of your stay — just add stuff to your overnight bag that can last you for a few days.
      Is it cold where you’re moving? Is the space big enough for your furniture? Being proactive when packing your stuff can save you from a considerable amount of stress. You will also be able to locate certain types of items as you’ve packed your things according to its use or location.
      Overloading boxes beyond their weight capacity can only lead to one thing — a hot mess. Take advantage of book boxes for your heavy literature and magazines. As for other heavy items, divide them equally and make sure there’s still space for lightweight objects.
      Nobody wants to open a box full of shards. Pack your plates standing on their side, or use plenty of bubble wrap to protect your breakables. For multipurpose protection, use recyclable paper.
      While it’s nice to know where you put this or that, being too specific with labeling allows others to deduct where you placed valuable items. Try using code names to be safe.
      It may be hard to let go of some items with sentimental value, but spending valuable time crying over stuff you’ll probably leave behind is time wasted. If you want some alone time with your memorabilia, pack the most important rooms first.
      Everything’s packed, or so you think. It’s highly recommended to do one final sweep of the place to make sure nothing important was left behind in your old home.

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