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Home » 7 Things to Avoid When Holding an Open House

7 Things to Avoid When Holding an Open House

April 7th, 2016 | Higgins Group Real Estate

You’re selling your home, and your real estate agent suggested that it would be wonderful to hold an open house. After all, it helps potential buyers imagine a life in your property. But before you leave most of the work to your agent, here are seven things you should never, ever do.

  • Leaving your pets behind.
      Every responsible pet owner should not leave his or her pets behind during an open house. It might scare off potential homebuyers with a literal pet peeve. An open house can also stress out your pets, so take them out and enjoy a date with your furry or feathery friends.
  • Open HouseLeaving the kitchen as it is.
      Dirty plates and hand towels can turn off your potential buyers, according to It’s typical during open houses for buyers to inspect every single nook and cranny of your home. So clean your dishwasher and put those towels away. Take out smelly food, and make your kitchen a pristine dream.
  • Leaving your bath towels in plain sight.
      You don’t want your house guests to touch your stuff, and you’ll also want to make your bathroom look well-staged. Why not leave a clean set of decorative bath and hand towels instead?
  • Not getting a professional cleaner.
      If you’re the type of individual who isn’t really passionate or dedicated in cleaning your home, the best way to go is to hire a professional. By the time he or she is done, your home will be rid of unwanted smells, messes, and hard-to-reach or see spots.
  • Not asking for a second opinion.
      So you’ve cleaned and staged your home, and for you, it looks perfect. Don’t stop there. Ask an honest friend or neighbor to give you a second opinion. It’s just like writing — you write a draft and let a fresh pair of eyes read it to make sure everything’s alright.
  • Forgetting your yard.
      A clean and well-kept yard is not only nice to look at — it increases your property’s curb appeal, therefore attracting more potential buyers. An unkempt yard will give buyers the impression that your home isn’t very well-maintained.
  • Not depersonalizing your home.
      To allow your buyers to visualize a life in your home, you need to de-clutter and depersonalize spaces. Stash your medicine away, along with family photographs or any items that tells buyers something about your life.

For more information about open houses, check out this page.

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