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Chris Reid

Chris Reid, REALTOR®
Sales Executive
The REID Group

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Chris Reid is a highly dynamic yet professional real estate agent known for his passionate work ethic, humble persona and unparalleled approach to real estate business.

A Licensed Realtor in Connecticut, Chris specializes in assisting first time home buyers, residential sales, and multi-family investment properties. He has ventured into several different aspects of the real estate industry spanning from property management (residential/commercial), Property Investment, sales and acquisition.

Currently, serving as a property manager of 9 buildings and 450 units throughout Connecticut, Chris has a vast range of management expertise and a solid record of streamlining operational efficiencies. He knows all neighborhoods, monitors markets as prices fluctuate and stays on top of what’s for sale. His diverse experience, profound market knowledge and expert value analysis helps you make the best possible choices when buying or selling or investing in a property.

An embodiment of commitment, excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, Chris loves to stand by his clients paving their way to a smooth transaction from the time they decide to buy, sell or invest. He works equally well with all types of clients and there is no deal too big or small for him to exceed client’s satisfaction.

With an inborn talent of analytical and quantitative problem-solving and accentuating sales, Chris’ formula of work includes integrity, hard-work, zeal and perfection in every tiny detail of your real estate transactions. As a result of his true efforts, Chris is highly-regarded for his sincere interest in effectively solving core client problems. Whereas his commitment to excellence in customer service makes his occupational pride evident.



Mike M., Bethel

My wife and I worked very closely with Chris for a good six months trying to find a house to buy and that fit our needs. Being new to the state of Connecticut, we needed to rely on our realtor even more than we normally would. Chris was actually the third realtor we had, as the first two were not extremely knowledgeable or helpful. When we wound up meeting Chris, it was a complete 180 degree change from the experience we had had to that point. We can tell you unequivocally that Chris is the most knowledgeable, professional realtor we have ever worked with. He exceeded our expectations with the amount of research and expertise he brought to the table during our house search. Chris was always one step ahead of where we were in the home buying process and did a fantastic job of anticipating our needs. He was an asset as we began looking for financing and was great at orchestrating the overall process, serving as our liaison among the other professionals we were working with (e.g. contractors, inspectors, bank etc.). In summary, we couldn't rank Chris any higher! When we are ready to buy another house sometime soon, rest assured the first person we are calling is Chris Reid.

March 14, 2019

Satisfied Seller, Bridgeport,CT

Christopher Reid, made acommitment to sell my property and successfully brought it to fruition. His sugesstions were reasonable, he is a fine agent to work with,he followed up in a timely manner and I am very satisfied with him in my dealings regarding the sale. I wish him all the best and recommend him highly.

March 22, 2019

Tommy and Roxi, Trumbull, CT

Chris Reid was very professional. Worked very hard for me and my wife. Also made sure we got everything we wanted from the seller when we purchased are house. Will recommend him to all my family and friends.

February 13, 2019

Zac - Hamden,CT

Chris was an absolutely fantastic realtor. Having only lived in apartments for the past twelve years, buying a house was incredibly intimidating. I was nervous that I was going to overpay, overlook details that would affect me after closing, or buy a house that was going to fall over in a month. Chris was meticulous with details and keeping me informed. With each property we researched, he explained everything before actually scheduling to see the property. He made sure that I understood exactly why this property was priced this way, what value I'd get from it, ways I could increase the value of the house, what the neighborhood was like, etc. He knew that my time was valuable, and he respected that. When we finally found a house, Chris handled everything--the coordination with the seller's realtor, lawyers, and even my mortgage broker at times. He made the process virtually stress-free for me. When times did get stressful and financing would be push back or the seller would push back, Chris wouldn't let either of them take advantage of me just because I was a first-time buyer--he was aggressive without being unprofessional, leading to us getting a great deal on the house in terms of value and financing. He made sure that there was a mutual respect between all parties, which, I believe, left me and the seller having a great relationship once we finally met. She was so kind and happy that we were the buyers, and we felt the same. It was obvious that she cared for this home, and we were happy to continue that care. Lastly, I want to mention that me and my husband are LGBT+ clients. It was important to find someone we could trust, someone who wouldn't treat us as second-class citizens. And we found that with Chris. We felt comfortable with Chris immediately--he was very professional and very funny at all times. I know Chris is accepting of everyone, no matter what they look like, who they love, who they pray to, nothing. He is just a good soul. If I ever buy again or sell this house, he will be the first person I call. And if he's too busy, I'll wait until he's not. He is that good. I'm incredibly grateful for Chris and how he got me and my husband into our home--we love it. Now, I just need to find time to have him over for dinner.

March 16, 2018

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