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Fishing in the Saugatuck River

October 10th, 2019 | Higgins Group Real Estate

Saugatuck River is one of the prime destinations in Fairfield County for fly fishing. Here are some bits of information that will help you organize your fishing trip.

The best time to go

Generally speaking, you can fish in the Saugatuck River all around the year. Spring is the best time to go, however, as the river flows abundant with hatches. Fly fishing in the Saugatuck during the summer can also yield great results, with the water staying cool the rest of the season.

The second best time to go fly fishing in the Saugatuck River would be during fall, as the river’s population of brown trout spawn during this season. If you want to go fishing during winter, it is best to head downstream where the water stays ice free.

How to get to Saugatuck River

There are various points along the river where you can go fly fishing to your heart’s delight.

  • Above West Redding – Saugatuck’s uppermost section, this area can be accessed by taking West Redding Road to Sugar Hollow Pond. This is where the stream begins. If you want to follow it downstream, take state highway 53.
  • Below Samuel Senior Dam – Go to the lake via state highway 53. From there, drive through Valley Forge Road. You can get off anywhere in this road to fish. If you continue further, you will come across Davis Hills Road Bridge, where you can also set your camp and fish. Other access points in the area include Lyons Plain Road and Cambridge Road.
  • via Weston – Weston is the best jump-off point for your fly-fishing trip. There are several access points in the town, such as Keene’s Park and River Road. Weston Road is home to two bridges that also lead you to the river, however the fly-fishing section can be accessed through Dorr’s Milo Dam.

    Take note that there are other dams in the area in case you are no longer interested in fishing up or downstream.

  • William “Doc” Skerlick Trout Management Area (TMA) – This is the best place to access the main stream of the Saugatuck. It is also one of the more popular spots to go fly-fishing exclusively.

What is in the Saugatuck River?

The Saugatuck River is home to a relatively healthy population of brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout (this is native to the region). As noted earlier, fall is a great time to fish for some brown trout.

Should you venture closer to the area where the river meets the Long Island Sound, you might also encounter populations of striped bass and small bluefish.

The best tools to use

For fly-fishing, particularly in the Doc Skerlick TMA, longer roads are highly recommended. This is mainly because the area feature wide open spaces allowing you to cast this type of rod.

If you are fishing in smaller access points, specifically in residential areas, road crossings, and public parks, a shorter rod would work best.

Fishing in the deeper waters of the Saugatuck River, particularly in the gorge area near Valley Road, will require a 9-foot, 5-weight rod.

Fishing is fantastic in Fairfield County

Check out this page for more information on the best fishing spots in the area.

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