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Home » Pet-friendly homes are now attracting more buyers

Pet-friendly homes are now attracting more buyers

November 7th, 2016 | Higgins Group Real Estate

pet-ownersWhen putting a property for sale on the market, leaving traces of pets is often considered a huge mistake. Many experts believe that to sell a home successfully, sellers should move their pets out of sight, along with all of their toys, food and water dishes, accessories, and so on.

Recent trends however, show that a pet-friendly home may have an advantage in today’s market.

According to a recent study conducted by the American Pet Products Association, there are nearly 18 million US households that own a pet. In another report, this time from Packaged Facts, 83% of pet owners across the country consider their pets part of their family.

Target market: Pet-owners

For real estate practitioners, this presents a new challenge. How exactly can you find a home that can meet both your client’s and their pet’s needs?

Enter Pet Realty Network. Launched almost 20 years ago, the site is designed to help relocating pet owners find the perfect pet-friendly home for themselves and their furry companions.

The site has served millions of pet owners throughout the years, and is just one of the many indications that pet-friendly homes are attracting more and more potential buyers throughout the country.

Successful ways to promote a pet-friendly home

Obvious rules still apply, of course. The home you’re selling may be pet-friendly, but it still has to be clean, meaning no odors, tufts of fur, or damage from pets should be present.

Looking through some of the homes being offered at the Pet Realty Network, many of the listings highlight unique pet-friendly amenities, such as pet swimming pools, pet-friendly floor plans, and rooms filled with pet toys and other accessories.

Other features that attract pet owners include plenty of outdoor space, close proximity to dog parks and pet-friendly restaurants, and mudroom or laundry room entrances where owners can easily wash off their pets’ dirty paws after going for a walk.

Simple touches like including a photo of your pet in your listing can help show pet owners that they’re dealing with a seller who’s a pet person, just like them.

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