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Home » Possible Short Sale or Foreclosure

Possible Short Sale or Foreclosure

February 11th, 2015 | Higgins Group Real Estate

Higgins Group Can Help – Distressed Property Hotline

April 23, 2011

To some, the words “possible short sale” or “foreclosure” connote an opportunity for someone. Yet for homeowners these words are associated with stress and confusion. What is forgotten is the misfortune of the family that owned the house. They are very often our friends and neighbors. Obviously we have had to face troubled times these last few years. Challenges have arisen that we couldn’t anticipate. So many of us did exactly what we were expected to do. Save up enough money for a down payment and purchase the great American dream, a house for you and your family (along with the mortgage that goes along with it). Suddenly you lose your job and you need to sell your house. However, your house is worth less than what is owed on the mortgage. You didn’t do anything wrong and what happened is really unfair. Now what do you do? This is why I am establishing DISTRESSED PROPERTY COUNSELING HOTLINE.

I think what is overlooked by society is in dwelling on the numerical statistics i.e. percentage of unemployment, number of foreclosures, short sales, etc. the HUMAN PERSPECTIVE of this crisis is diminished. The vast majority of us weren’t prepared to know how to react. It’s not an unusual reaction to try to avoid making the hard decisions. Who wouldn’t rather put everything out of your mind, hoping the problem will go away. It’s difficult, embarrassing and awkward to talk to your friends or family.

However it is crucial that the right advice and counsel be obtained during this very important and complex life challenge! The falling house prices and the large number of problems that arise, like short sales are a fairly new phenomena and demand a new and creative approach from the few real experts. There may be certain strategies that can be at least beneficial while not necessarily solving the problem. Certain avenues of protection depending on the individual circumstances may exist. You need to talk to the professionals who are specialists in this field!

It’s been a number of years since I practiced law and I certainly wouldn’t attempt to give legal advice. The real estate situation is something that I can address and advise and would be happy to accommodate you. However, I can also suggest the right lawyers for you to obtain counsel to guide you through this crisis. It’s so important to be reactive and not passive and do it as soon as possible. Timing in this whole process may be critical.

I personally feel that the most important and perhaps overlooked step to take is to seek out a good family therapist to protect you and your family’s emotional well being. I can recommend experts in that field too. So many life changes, so many challenges. Outside death or injury/illness of a loved one, it may be the hardest thing you will ever go through. Don’t try to do it on your own. You want your kids to understand what’s going on and try to ameliorate as much of their fears (realized or unrealized) as possible. You and your spouse need to supply strength and support to each other. Keep in mind that you will get through this period in your life. You are an American, we bounce back! Whether it’s the Depression, World Wars, 9/11 or any other challenge we have to face.

Please contact me for any confidential discussions or advice on what direction you might want to take so that I might be able to help you. There are a lot of people who understand and want to help and they are on your side. I will be happy to recommend experts in the field of family therapy, lawyers, a credit repair company, appraisers and anything else that might be beneficial at this point in time.

I can be reached at and would be glad to do whatever I can to help.

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