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Home » Seller’s guide: Staging tips to make your home shine

Seller’s guide: Staging tips to make your home shine

December 21st, 2016 | Higgins Group Real Estate

home staging tipsPoor design choices and clutter are two things that dampen anybody’s listings. Avoid these problems by following some of our staging tips. You’ll make your property shine enough to attract the perfect homebuyer.

1. Show off that counter space.

What is the use of that gorgeous slab of granite if you won’t showcase the counter space it offers? To highlight this appealing kitchen feature, make sure to stash extra clutter like knife blocks and baskets away. If your kitchen has a center island, liven it up with a bowl of fresh fruit or a lovely vase of flowers. If you really insist on adding some decor on the countertops, consider kitchen canisters.

2. Update and accessorize your fireplace.

Fireplaces are huge selling points, but it doesn’t do much if it’s outdated and dingy. Do your listing a favor and add some modern touches to your fireplace. Replace dated brass screens and paint an accent wall in warm, earthy tones.

To make your fireplace shine even more, add a mirror or an artwork above the fireplace. If you want to accessorize the mantel, stick to a decorative plate or a series of small accessories on one side. You can also use furniture to highlight the fireplace– just make this home feature the focal point by not blocking it from view.

3. Accentuate unique home features.

If your listing comes with a unique home feature, don’t hesitate to show it off. The trick is to decorate or stage the room around this home feature to make it the center of attention.

4. Clear the clutter and bulky furniture.

Let your homebuyers imagine how they would live in the property by keeping the essentials as you stage the home. Clutter and unnecessary furniture, especially in smaller homes, just make the listing look messy and unattractive.

5. Add storage.

Buyers love storage, and in order to create extra space, consider adding built-in bookshelves. When staging, curate a selection of knickknacks that complement the overall look of the room. Don’t put too much– balance is key. Most of all, you don’t need to decorate all the shelves; those at eye level are the most important.

We hope this will help you sell your home fast. For more seller’s tips, you can check out this page.

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