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Higgins Group Renters Tips

Are you looking to rent a condo, house or apartment? The professional Realtors® at Higgins Group can help! A Higgins Group agent can help you find your new place faster, because he or she screens out many places, and often previews them before you go, to save you time and stress.

1. Is there a fee to work with Higgins Group?

NO, Higgins Group does not charge tenants a fee or commission for finding a rental. Some real estate agencies charge you for this, but we feel that is out of step with economic realities today.

2. Why should I work with Higgins Group instead of looking on my own?

A Higgins Group agent can help you find your new place faster, because he or she screens out many places, and often previews them before you go, to save you time and stress. Let us make the calls and schedule the appointments! Higgins Group agents know the inventory of rentals in each town and can advise you on ease of commuting, nearby shopping, etc. in every neighborhood.

3. How do I apply for an apartment?

You complete a rental application, which asks for your name, current address, date of birth and social security number; employment information such as job, salary and name and phone number of a job reference; also your current landlord’s name and phone number.

  • You should bring proof of legal income, such as recent pay stubs
  • We will also make a photocopy of your driver’s license or other photo ID
  • The agent will run a credit report for you, for which you pay $25 per adult to Higgins Group Real Estate
  • The agent will help you write an offer for the rental you want

4. Why does the agent ask for my social security number?

For your credit report and a brief criminal check to support your application. We do these only after you have found a rental for which you want to submit an offer. For your landlord, who must put your security deposit in an interest-bearing bank account.

5. What will it cost for me to get a rental?

Credit report $25 per adult.

NOTE: the credit report you get from a self-service website will not be accepted by most Landlords; they require a report from a reputable rental screening company.

Cash/Bank Check to cover 2 or 3 months rent: You will need to pay at least the first month’s rent when you submit your offer, plus one or two months’ rent for a security deposit when you sign your lease. Your agent holds onto these checks and submits them to the owner after the offer is accepted and leases are signed. Many landlords require you to get bank checks or money orders for these first payments, to make sure the checks clear before you move in.
Senior citizens are only required 2 months security when they rent.

6. Can I get a lease-breaking clause?

Most landlords do not allow you to break a lease. Indeed, your landlord may be a condo owner whose complex has rules that do not allow short-term leases.

Sometimes a landlord will give permission to leave early, but generally you are responsible for the rent until the landlord finds a suitable replacement tenant; you might also be responsible to pay a Realtor® fee for finding a replacement tenant.
If you are concerned that your job may require you to relocate during the lease term, mention this to your Higgins Group agent before you make an offer on a rental.

7. What are my rights as a tenant and what is my landlord responsible for?

You should read your lease carefully and make sure you understand what you and your landlord have each promised. Especially make sure you understand your landlord’s rules for pets, trash collection, cars, noise, parking, approved residents in your apartment, etc.

You must pay your rent on time. Your landlord can charge you penalties or interest if your rent check does not clear within 10 days of the due date.

Check out the State of CT website for more information on your rights and responsibilities, the rules for landlord handling of your security deposit and other important laws:

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