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Home » The Connecticut Air and Space Center

The Connecticut Air and Space Center

April 19th, 2016 | Higgins Group Real Estate

Are you a fan of vintage aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia? If the answer is yes, then a trip to the Connecticut Air and Space Center is a must. If you aren’t… well, go anyway! A visit might turn you into an aircraft enthusiast in no time. Trust us — you won’t regret visiting this exciting Fairfield County attraction.

Photo courtesy of  Connecticut Air and Space Center Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Connecticut Air and Space Center Facebook page

About the Connecticut Air and Space Center

Located near Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford, Fairfield County, the Connecticut Air and Space Center was founded by George Gunther, a former state senator, in 1998. The Stratford Army Engine Plant just closed down, and Gunther thought it would be great to convert the complex into a museum that houses the history of the engine plant.

And convert, he did. Today, the Connecticut Air and Space Center is spread across the complex, occupying buildings 6 and 53. Here, you can get a slice of the history of the Stratford Army Engine Plant.

Airplanes, helicopters, and more!

Aside from a collection of displays and archives that details the Stratford Army’s history, the Connecticut Air and Space Center also features 15 aircraft and 8 engines that were built at the plant. The folks over at the museum are currently in the process of restoring several of these aircraft, including the Sikorsky S60 “Flying Crane” and the Sikorsky Memorial FG1-D Corsair. CASC’s helicopter collection is not to be missed as well. The staff are also in the process of restoring a Bell H-13, a Sikorsky S-52 US Marines, and a Sikorsky S-52 / H05S.

Of course, if CASC has aircraft, then it sure has an engine collection. Included in their treasure trove of engine are Avco Lycoming LTS101 Display, Franklin 6 Cylinder Air Cooled 1940’s, Jacobs R-755, and more. Now, that’s enough engine jargon.

The Chagnon Collection

If you’re not the least bit interested in aircraft and airplane parts, then perhaps this might catch your interest. The CASC is home to a collection of hand-made and wooden Sikorsky Flying Boats donated by Mr. Louis Chagnon from Bridgeport.

Art lovers and aircraft buffs alike will love the collection as these flying boat models show excellent craftsmanship and detail. To fully appreciate Mr. Chagnon’s talent as a carpenter, a visit to the CASC is one you should definitely write down.

For more information about the CASC, including their collections and how you can sign up as a volunteer, check out their website.

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