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Home » Things to Do After You’ve Moved into a new home

Things to Do After You’ve Moved into a new home

August 30th, 2017 | Higgins Group Real Estate

After finally moving into your new home, it can be tempting to just relax, sit back, and maybe enjoy a takeout meal in the middle of your new spacious (and probably empty) living room. Go ahead – you deserve a break, after all.

Before you get too comfortable however, you need to think about the things you have to do next, so you can enjoy a smooth transition into a new life, in a new home:

Relocation - Things to do

Take lots of photos

If you’re renting, photos of empty, unadorned rooms will be essential during the time when you need to get your security deposit back. They can also be handy if it’s a home you’ve just bought, since a significant amount of time may have passed between the inspection and when the previous owner has already left it. This way, any damage you discover will be well-documented.

Check your boxes and furniture

Check all of your boxes and furniture and make sure no signs of damage are present. In case you discover any form of damage, get in touch with your mover immediately, or contact your insurance company and submit a claim.

Set up your utilities

See to it that all services are up and running in your new home before hooking up your gadgets and electronics. Nothing’s worse than going back to your new place late at night and discovering the lights aren’t working all of a sudden.

Keep all receipts and documents

Be sure to store all receipts and important documents in one file, and put this in a secure but easy to remember place. You might be able to claim your move during your next tax return, so you’ll need all required receipts to make your claim.

Look for a good school and register your kids

While this may be something that could have been done before you moved, there might be a chance that you were pressed for time dealing with all sorts of things during the moving process. Do your research on nearby schools as soon as possible – the sooner your child is registered, the easier it will be for them to establish a regular routine in a new location.

Want more helpful tips? Check out our Moving Checklist on this page.

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